Cataplex® D Whole Food-Based Supplement is an Excellent Source of Vitamin D | Dr. Sam Bahan DC

Cataplex® D Whole Food-Based Supplement is an Excellent Source of Vitamin D | Standard Process

Here is the highly effective Cataplex® D whole-food-based supplement from Standard Process®. It's an awesome source of vitamin D and antioxidant vitamin A.

Research keeps showing us the importance of having enough vitamin D intake to protect your body from many different ailments. Vitamin D is an important micronutrient for multiple body systems. It plays a particularly vital role in supporting antimicrobial activity, immunity, and inflammation. While vitamin D from the sun is the best way to get it, it’s proven that most people don’t get near enough. Supplementation is typically necessary to reach optimal levels of vitamin D.

Vitamin D affects your intestines, bones, and kidneys causing them to increase the absorption of calcium into the body. That makes Vitamin D essential for healthy bones in the prevention of osteoporosis and especially hip fractures.

Three main factors that affect vitamin D are age, obesity, and skin pigmentation. As we age our kidneys are less efficient at converting vitamin D to its active form. Since vitamin D is fat-soluble, people with higher amounts of body fat have lower amounts of vitamin D circulating in their blood. Therefore, people with obesity typically need higher amounts of vitamin D. Individuals with darker skin will require more vitamin D than people with lighter skin. We typically recommend two tablets a day of Cataplex® D, and in some cases, more might be recommended.

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