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Supplements & Herbs for Adrenal Support, Mental Clarity and Stress Relief

Manage Your Stress Naturally

Unmanaged stress can affect your sleep, mood, energy levels, and digestion. In our practice we focus on your physical and nutritional health, as well as the body systems that improve your emotional well-being. For higher-than-normal stress levels, focus on building your body’s nutritional reserves to better deal with the stress. I am going to walk you through some supplement choices that have worked very well for my patients.

Supplements for Stress Relief

To help ease tension, I recommend Min-Chex® for women and Orchex® for men because of their specific formulations. Min-Chex® is a moderate calmative that helps maintain emotional balance and is an excellent source of niacin, vitamin B6, and iodine. Orchex® is equally as effective for encouraging mental clarity, enhancing the ability to relax, and allows greater adaptability to life's stresses. The ingredients in Orchex® also supports healthy testicular function.

Magnesium for Stress Relief

Magnesium is a dynamic and multifunctional mineral; it is especially beneficial for highly stressed patients. Plant-based multiform magnesium, like that found in Standard Process® E-Z Mg™ is the most highly absorbable form of magnesium for your body. This means it can cross the blood-brain barrier and has calming effects on your system.


Plant-based forms of magnesium, including Ashwagandha, supports your nervous system to adapt to stress.


Support for Adapting to Stress

For herbal support, I recommend Ashwagandha Complex and Nervagesic from our MediHerb® line. These products support your nervous systems’ natural ability to adapt to stress. These herbal products are intended to be used under the guidance of a trained healthcare practitioner. If you are interested in knowing if these products are right for you, please go to our Contact page for more information.

When I encounter patients that have been under stress for long periods of time, I find that their adrenal glands are consequently exhausted. Our adrenal state has a major influence on the body’s ability to adapt to stress. In these cases, we typically recommend Drenamin® which is a combination of natural ingredients that feed the adrenal glands’ ability to handle prolonged stress.

Nutrition for Mental Clarity and Stress Management

Another major nutrient that affects mental clarity and stress management is the B vitamin complex. B vitamins are water soluble, which means they need to be replenished daily. If you do not have enough B vitamins, your adrenals and other glands become depleted which impacts your energy and ability to handle stress effectively. For general B vitamin support, I recommend the whole food product Cataplex® B-Core, because it is a high quality, full-spectrum B complex product. As a side note, if you have a blood sugar imbalance, I recommend Diaplex®. By supporting normal blood sugar levels, your energy and mental clarity will be greatly benefited.

Standard Process Min-Tran supplement allows the nervous system to reach greater levels of relaxation.

Sleep Support for Stress Management

In addition to having the ability to handle stress, your mental health is impacted by other factors as well. If you are experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, or chronic fatigue, I encourage you to evaluate your quality of sleep. If you have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, we often recommend Min-Tran®, which is a combination of alkaline ash minerals, calcium, and magnesium. This combination of nutrients allows the nervous system to reach greater levels of relaxation. There are many factors that can influence your ability to get a full nights’ rest, so please reach out from our Contact page if you need further support. 

Our body systems were made to work together to handle stress and maintain a healthy mind. If you are having any issues with stress or your mental health, toxicity in your body is usually a contributing factor. I encourage you to read our detoxification article to learn more. Whatever your next step is, I hope this information has empowered you to make a natural choice to support your body and mind on the path to your best self.