Do I need to take vitamins or supplements daily? Read this article to learn the answer and more.

Do I need to take vitamins or supplements daily?

Everyone's Nutritional Needs are Different

There seems to be a lot of confusion these days around whether we need to take vitamins or supplements daily. I believe there are several factors that must be considered to answer this question. First, we must consider that everybody's lifestyle and bodies are different, therefore the individual nutrition that they require is different. For example, someone that sits at a desk all day dealing with mental types of stress on the job has different nutritional requirements than an athlete that is more physically taxed but also faces the stress of competition. Thus, each type of individual will need to consume nutrients that help support their situation. And, if their diets aren't adequate and balanced, then taking vitamins, minerals, and other supplements may be necessary.

Is your food grown on farms that utilize organic and regenerative farming practices which yield nutrient-dense soil? 


Farming Practices Determine the Nutritional Value of Food

Secondly, farming practices determine the nutritional value of food. The truth is that food in general does not have the same nutrients that it used to for many reasons, including the mineral-depleted soil due to poor farming practices and the production of genetically modified foods (GMOs). Have you eaten tomatoes that have no flavor, are bland, and the skin has a pale color? They have very little nutritional value compared to the tomatoes of 100 years ago. There are sustainable farming practices, but they are not as prevalent as their mainstream counterparts.


Synthetic Supplements Versus Whole-Food-Based Supplements

These factors show that basically everyone can benefit from taking vitamins or supplements regularly. The real question is what kind? Don’t fall for the synthetic (manmade, doesn't occur in nature) vitamins that are incomplete components. Once you manufacture individual components, then you lose the benefits. For example, the Vitamin C that you typically find today is not a Vitamin C Complex. It is just ascorbic acid and doesn’t have the complete complex with all of the benefits of real whole-food-based Vitamin C. It doesn’t have bioflavonoids and other factors and cofactors that are found in nature.


How to Bridge The Nutritional Gap

What kind of supplements will help to bridge the nutritional gap brought on by poor diet, nutrient-deficient soil and resulting food, and synthetic vitamins? The answer is whole-food-based supplements produced on farms that utilize organic and regenerative farming practices which yield nutrient-dense soil.


Dr. Royal Lee

Dr. Royal Lee was considered the father of holistic nutrition and was the founder of Standard Process Inc. This famous quote of his hints at a major cause of nutritional gaps.

Dr. Royal Lee Quote: "Without Vitality in the soil there is no vitality in the bottle."

“Without Vitality in the Soil, There is No Vitality in the Bottle” - Dr. Royal Lee

The first vitamin and mineral supplement he created was CatalynÂŽ, in 1929. Catalyn contains vitamins and other nutrients sourced from whole foods.

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There are a few good companies that create whole-food-based supplements that have the nutrient density to help recover from nutritional gaps and more. They include Standard Process Inc. and MediHerb.


Standard Process Inc.

Standard Process Inc. is a Wisconsin-based, family-owned company that has been dedicated to making high-quality and nutrient-dense supplements for three generations. They apply a holistic approach to how they farm, manufacture, and protect the quality of their products. The majority of their ingredients are grown on their certified organic farm. They have partnered with health care practitioners to effectively and holistically address issues related to health conditions.



MediHerbÂŽ is a leader in herbal supplements among health care professionals and Standard Process is their exclusive U.S. distributor. MediHerb is committed to delivering high-quality, herbal solutions, that are a means to health and vitality. Their supplement formulas draw on the latest scientific evidence, as well as centuries of traditional knowledge. As a result, they are the preferred choice for many health care professionals in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. MediHerb was co-founded in 1986 by Professor Kerry Bone. His commitment to high-quality products continues to underpin every aspect of MediHerb.


Make a Choice

Nutritional gaps are all too common in society today. However, it is how we choose to handle them that will determine whether the gaps have been bridged or not. We can choose to ignore the gaps, but they will not go away. Or we can choose to live as healthy as possible and take whole-food-based supplements to bridge the gap. It is a choice we all have to make. What choice will you make today?

If you choose to bridge the gap, check our vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements sourced from whole foods today! It would be our pleasure to provide nutrient-dense supplements for your health interests.

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