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Growing up in a holistically-minded family was a unique childhood experience. I ate foods that were different from what other kids ate. When I ate the foods they did at their houses, I usually got sick!

In our house, antibiotics and prescriptions were not the first line of defense, which was quite different from most other families that I knew. Now looking back, as different as the beginning of my life was compared to my friends, I am very grateful for the direction that my family’s natural approach gave me.

When I was in college, I thought managing a hospital would be a great thing to do, so I majored in Health Information Management Systems at The Ohio State University. Working in the hospital during college was an eye-opener and conflicted with my understanding of health. Although there is always a time and a place for modern medicine, I saw pharmaceuticals being used as the first choice for every patient. I remember the head nurse at the time holding a Diet Coke in one hand and a Snickers bar in the other, asking me why Type 2 Diabetes was indicated in every other patient’s chart. That was the sign that I needed to make a change! Working in this environment didn't align with who I was, so after I graduated from OSU, I moved to Atlanta to attend Chiropractic school, where I earned my doctorate from Life University.

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I started practicing in Cleveland, Ohio, and quickly found my niche in digestive and female health. I knew from my background that nutrients derived from food were best utilized by the body. Therefore, I began to educate myself on whole-food nutrition and supplements. I discovered the positive effects that a better diet and whole-food supplements gave my patients.

People would come into my office with bottles of vitamins and supplements they had purchased, but they were not seeing a change in their health. When I started using Standard Process & MediHerb supplements, my patients quickly saw significant improvement. I love to see my patients have the incredible experience of natural healing using protocols that include, dietary changes, whole-food supplements, and professional quality herbal formulations.

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Dr. Sam Bahan DC is a licensed chiropractor and is the owner and operator of this online website. Please reach out to her via the contact page if you need assistance. She is glad to help you.

“One of the biggest tragedies of human civilization is the precedents of chemical therapy over nutrition.” -Dr. Royal Lee