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Immuplex® is the Ultimate Immune System Support Supplement

Here is the amazing Immuplex® from Standard Process. Immuplex® is the ultimate immune system support. It contains vitamins, minerals, and tissue extract that are critical for enhancing immune function.

The largest immune organ in the body is actually the liver, which is responsible for performing over five hundred specific tasks including regulation of chemical levels in our the blood, and excretion of bile, which is responsible for taking out the body’s waste.

In the body, bone marrow is where red and white blood cells are produced. Immuplex® contains bone marrow, which supports the body’s own production of these important immune-enhancing factors. Immuplex® also includes spleen extract as an ingredient. The spleen helps by removing old or damaged red blood cells and also contains infection-fighting white blood cells. The spleen is critical for a well-functioning immune system.

Next, we have the thymus gland, which is also an important gland of the immune system. It is where T lymphocytes are made. T lymphocytes or T-Cells are critical to help support immune system function. Thymus extract is included as another critical ingredient of Immuplex®.

Vitamins A, C, E, and folate along with immune dependent minerals such as iron, zinc, chromium and selenium, which are all signature ingredients in Immuplex®.

So, for best results, many of my patients find great benefit of taking Immuplex® as a maintenance dose every single day. And should be used in high doses during immune challenges.

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