Dr. Sam Bahan D.C. Chiropractor and Holistic Physician with Offices in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

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Dr. Samantha Bahan D.C., Owner of Bahan Natural Health Center

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Dr. Sam Bahan D.C. is a chiropractor and a holistic physician with offices in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Dr. Sam provides chiropractic treatments, nutritional assessment, neuro-emotional care, dry needling, hormonal testing, lifestyle counseling, and more. She even welcomes remote visits over the phone.

Dr. Samantha Bahan D.C. with Patient | Chiropractor & Holistic Physician

She recommends whole food-based supplements, like Standard Process® and MediHerb®, when needed, to her patients. Reach out if you would like help from Dr. Sam at https://naturalhealthgateway.com/pages/contact. She will treat you like family!

Learn More About Dr. Sam Bahan

If you would like to learn more about the incredible Dr. Sam, check out our "About Us" article at https://naturalhealthgateway.com/pages/about-us. As always, she is here to help you along your health and wellness journey! We love her and we know you will too! ÔŁĄ