Standard Process® Peak Mental Health Pack

Standard Process® Peak Mental Health Pack

To Support Mental Health, We Recommend Beginning with Our Standard Process® Peak Mental Health Pack.

The amazing Standard Process® Peak Mental Health Pack was hand selected by experts with over 40 years of experience creating and curating our products. The nutrients in the Peak Mental Health Pack are essential for brain and cognitive function. We call it the Peak Mental Health Pack because we not only support the brain— but the central nervous system as well, which is responsible for many critical processes in our body. The Peak Mental Health Pack consists of Tuna Omega-3 Oil, E-Z Mg™, and Ginkgo Forte. These selected supplements boast an array of minerals, omega-3 oils, and vitamins essential for brain function. 

Research has shown that up to 50% of Americans are deficient in magnesium. Magnesium is an essential component to support neurotransmitters and overall neurological health. Magnesium has also been shown to support our emotional well-being. E-Z Mg™ is derived from organically grown Swiss chard and buckwheat. Studies have shown whole-food magnesium crosses the blood brain barrier more effectively than other forms of magnesium.

The key ingredient in our Ginkgo Forte is derived from the ginkgo tree— utilized in traditional Chinese medicine for its ability to increase circulation to all body cells, including the brain. Ginkgo promotes memory, cognition, alertness and mental clarity. Ginkgo is also widely used for maintaining health and quality of life, especially in our later years.

Our brain tissue is 60% fat, half of which is EPA and DHA. Our Tuna Omega-3 Oil has a balanced level of DHA and EPA which promotes anti-inflammatory properties.

The Peak Mental Health Pack is recommended for those looking to support peak mental health. For best results, we recommend this protocol for 60 days at the dosages recommended on the bottle. Most people will obtain rapid results when these products are used at the recommended dosage and taken consistently for the proper timeframe. Under certain circumstances a more specific group of supplements may be recommended and have more direct action. Shop Standard Process® to get started.