Standard Process® Bone Health Pack

Standard Process® Bone Health Pack

To support bone health, we recommend beginning with our Standard Process® Bone Health Pack.

We are proud to present the amazing Standard Process® Bone Health Pack. This is a foundational bone building group of supplements. This pack contains Calcifood®Cataplex® D, Cruciferous Complete™, and Ostrophin PMG.

Calcifood® is a bone concentrate that is an excellent source of calcium. This combination enhances the utilization of calcium for the bone matrix. The Calcifood® in the Bone Health Pack comes in wafers which should be chewed completely. Calcifood® also comes in a Calcifood® Powder which could be blended into a shake or smoothie. 

Our Bone Health Pack also includes Cataplex® D, which contains D3- a superior source of vitamin D. Vitamin D is required in making calcium available to the body’s tissues as well as the bones.

Our Cruciferous Complete™ contains vitamin K, another supportive nutrient for the bone matrix. Cruciferous Complete™ also supports cellular health while providing ingredients with antioxidant activity.

Ostrophin PMG® is not only a source of manganese, but in conjunction with minerals, nucleotides and peptides, create an optimum natural bone health support.

The Bone Health Pack is recommended for those looking to support bone health. For best results, we recommend this protocol for 3-6 months as bone building is a longer-term process. We suggest the dosages on the bottle. Under certain circumstances, a more specific group of supplements are recommended and have more direct action. Shop Standard Process® to get started.