Image of Dr. Sam Bahan DC talking about Standard Process Calcium Lactate

Standard Process® Calcium Lactate Supports Bone Health And More

From the day we are born, there is a need for calcium in our body to grow and rebuild systems. And we are not just talking about bones either. It's critical for immune function and maintaining a balanced relaxed state. However, with today’s diet, most people are lacking a source of quality, necessary amount of calcium.

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Standard Process’ Calcium Lactate is a good balance of calcium and magnesium. These two minerals are critical for bone health. Not only is there a need for calcium while we’re growing or in middle age to maintain bone integrity, but as we grow older, especially to support bone density.

Calcium and magnesium are also essential for our immune system, vascular function, muscle, and nerve function. I like to tell my patients I think of minerals like the nails of a house, without the nails everything is going to collapse.

Standard Process’ Calcium Lactate also comes in powder, chewable, and tablet form. Shop Standard Process® to get started.