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Iplex Product Name Changed to Eyeplex

Iplex® -> is now -> Eyeplex

Standard Process recently changed the name of Iplex® to Eyeplex to help highlight the fact that this product supports normal eye function, with B vitamins riboflavin, niacin, B6, and antioxidant Vitamin A. Keep in mind that the ingredients didn't change. It is the same great product with a new name. Remember that Eyeplex has high-quality, nutrient-dense, whole-food-based ingredients.


Eyeplex Highlights

  • Supports normal eye function
  • Excellent source of riboflavin and niacin
  • Good source of vitamin B6 and antioxidant vitamin A


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Reach out to Dr. Sam Bahan if you need help to determine if Eyeplex is right for you. She is always glad to help and will treat you like family.🙂